Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy (belated) Canada Day!

A belated Happy Canada Day to everyone (and especially Peter and Bobcat, who popped into comments below to wish me the same)! I've just been too busy living life the past few weeks to blog about it properly! Canada Day fell on a Tuesday and on Friday, out of the blue, our manager gave our little team Monday off to make for a four-day weekend. We work plenty of overtime so it was deserved, but it wasn't necessary so it was appreciated.

It rained most of the weekend, causing C. and I to miss catching this year's Bard in the Barracks production of "As You Like It". Ah well, next year surely. Happily it cleared up for Canada Day - just Canada Day, the only sunny, hot day in two weeks - and we had a great time attending "Canada's Biggest Block Party" as we do every year. There are pictures but - well, more excuses... and what you see to the left is instead a very nice shot of the fireworks on Parliament Hill (where we just decided we want to spend a Canada Day in the near future). We were home before the fireworks this year, and I'm glad we were... Veronica pretty much ignores them, but Mojo has been becoming increasingly upset by fireworks over the last half-dozen years or so, and he was quite agitated on Tuesday night. I hate to see him so upset and skittish and wound up. He's normally such an engaged, curious little guy. An imperfect end to a very, very good day.

As for our Yankee friends, I'm hoping your Fourth of July turns out just the way you hope it will.




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