Friday, October 17, 2008

"People's lives". And in case you can't tell, those quotation marks are sarcastic.

John McCain lost a lot of women voters (and a lot of male voters) when, during the final Presidential debate, he used sarcastic "air quotes" when describing "the health of the mother" as a rationale for some abortions.

(His use of the neanderthal term "pro-abortion movement" ran a close second. Like the sea monsters on 17th-century mariners' maps [HERE BE DRAGONS], these "pro-abortion" people keep being referenced with no evidence as to their actual existence. I have yet to meet, read, see, or hear remote echoes of anyone, anywhere, who is pro-abortion, as if it was a hockey team or a zoning proposition. Do medical procedures have cheerleading squads?)

I can't speak for all my sisters and brothers, but "the health of a human being" is something I can barely fathom being reduced to a phrase surrounded by sarcastic "air quotes" in any circumstance.

But if go with the flow we must, go with the flow we must. Therefore, I invite you to take full advantage of 23/6's JOHN MCCAIN IRONIC AIR QUOTES-O-TRON to create your own special sarcastic "air quote" moments, as if taken from Senator McCain's own heartless lips.




Blogger Laura Brown said...

Surely Margo from Apt. 3G should be involved here somewhere?

6:02 a.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

Oh, yes!

I suppose saying, "More speculums, mule!" would be dreadfully declassé, so of course I won't.


10:37 p.m.  

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