Thursday, November 13, 2008

Regina. (Again!)

You can see a long way here.

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Blogger Dave said...

You have to get to Saskatoon. It is my fav or the prairie towns/cities

3:24 p.m.  
Blogger Brent McKee said...

I'm prejudiced since I'm from Saskatoon but I agree with dave.

I'm surprised you were able to get a photo in Regina without Taylor Field (okay, Mosaic Stadium, but it will always be Taylor Field to me). It sort of dominates the landscape of most of the city.

6:53 p.m.  
Anonymous m.e. said...

you were in Saskatchewan??? that's kinda far from home, isn't it? we used to listen to CBC radio from Regina when we lived in Bismarck.

2:44 a.m.  
Blogger Brent McKee said...

m.e. You should be able to hear CBC Saskatchewan a lot further south than Bismarck, specially at night. That's a 50,000 watt transmitter at Watrous built just before the war to provide information supporting the British side to the USA. Ironically, though you can hear the station well into the Great Plains states even today there are parts of Regina where you can't get it at all so the CBC has to broadcast its Radio 1 signal (normally on AM) on an FM transmitter.

5:11 p.m.  
Anonymous m.e. said...

brent, back when i lived in the midwest and still had normal hearing, we also could hear the clear channel station from salt lake city. i don't remember anything special about the programming, just that we could hear it, mostly at night. when i was still single and lived farther east in minneapolis, i could not get any CBC stations, but you could get a riotous country station, WCKY, from "Cincinnati 1, Ohio." one of the fave tunes played on that outlet was "you can't hide from god," (pron. "ya cain't hahd frum gowd"). when i was in high school in fargo, ND, we could get something called "stars from paris," late (10:30pm) at night--a program with songs all in french. dunno where that came from other than from the station in moorhead, MN, across the river.

1:45 a.m.  
Anonymous m.e. said...

still that a motel or a minimum security prison? (can't read the sign). i'm thinking it can't really be a motel cuz there are no posts with outlets in which guests can plug in their engine heaters. but what do i know?'s been 36 years since i left north dakota and 17 years since i owned a car. goddess knows wot they do now out there to start a car on the tundra in the winter.)

also, what direction were you facing when you took that photo? is that weather front coming in or going out? looks like the sun is coming up behind you (that and the morning-like lack of activity and absence of smog), so that might be a front coming in. i should remember this from the way the clouds are forming at the top, but no....

9:04 a.m.  
Blogger Mike said...

... and where's the hot air balloon? How are you going to build a brand if you don't consistently include tiny hot air balloons in your travel photos?

9:17 a.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

Dave & Brent: I have taken your recommendation about Saskatoon to heart. For now, however, (puts hand over heart and lowers head modestly) I go where the People feel I am most needed.

M.E. I have no idea what that building is... I wandered the neighbourhood as I always do when I'm traveling but never got down that particular street. It's definitely not a hotel but is some kind of commercial enterprise. You made me laugh as when I was researching the hotel I was to stay at, "Free Parking with plug-ins" was one of the features. You know you're on the Prairies when...

Mike, I deeply regret the lack of a tiny speck in this photo which turns out to be an alleged hot-air balloon based soley on my avowal that it is one. Clearly, I am a lousy brand-builder. Or maybe "inconsistency" is my brand. It would certainly be easier to maintain...


9:44 p.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

Note to self: get camera with zoom lens for hot-air balloon shots.

9:44 p.m.  
Blogger Sherwood Harrington said...

... or you could just ask a friend who has the necessary software to fake a hot air balloon in any picture you want.

But that would be wrong.

3:36 a.m.  

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