Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scooting Cayo Largo

On Tuesday we rented scooters and took off to explore the island on our own. We drove past what must be one of the world's smallest international airports, Vilo Acuña International Airport (CYO). (That's actually the airport in the background.)

I've driven bikes before but this was my first time on a scooter. Hella fun!

Husband about to pull over to find out why the hell I stopped this time. (I stopped to take the picture of him.)

We also visited the created community of Cayo Largo, where the people who work on the island are housed during their shifts. These are some of the buildings.

This yellow building is the medical clinic. The marina is also located here.

I've no idea what this building is... it appears to be a repurposed church, but since my understanding is there never was a post-colonial town on this key (there was Aboriginal inhabitation at one time) I can't imagine what it's doing there. And of course I forgot to ask one of the Cubans before I left.

We drove down possibly the worst road for two-wheeling in Cuba, the sand road to Paradisus Beach. A bit white-knuckle but ... interesting.

We also discovered other interesting sections of byway, such as this place, which we dubbed "Eric the Half-a-Road".

Finally an important shot in any ronniecat report on Cuba - the black-and-white semi-feral kitty who ruled over our section of the resort. We would see the maids cooing to him as they went about their chores in the morning. He would sit companionably on the steps of the villas as they went back and forth cleaning the rooms. There was at least one other cat, sort of a patchwork/tabby, who I saw, but that seemed to be the extent of it for kitties.

Coming soon - ronnie and Husband get up-close-and-personal with some very cool iguanas.


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Blogger The Kitty City Gazette said...

Hi there, I was reading your posts from 2005. I lost my hearing a year ago and I hate it. Can you hear now? I'm 36 and can't find a job because of the deafness. Write me if you feel like it - ok? And if you like LOLcats you can check out my silly blog.


8:27 p.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

Hi Sharon! Welcome!

If you continue reading the posts after 2005, you'll see that I blogged the whole process of getting a cochlear implant about a year later. So yes, I can hear now. Sometimes. But it was a very, very, VERY hard journey. And I'm sure you understand.

Your blog is - I'm not kidding - screamingly funny. It's as good as LOLcats and much more literary. The description of the Most Boring Meeting Ever is priceless - especially since I now work for the civil service. Bargaining with God? I could relate. I'll be blogging about it and recommending it to my six loyal readers very soon.

I'll also email you privately, probably tomorrow. In the meantime you can always reach me at ronniecat at ronniecat dot com.

10:02 p.m.  

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