Thursday, December 10, 2009

A series of (un)fortunate events - Day 3

So Day 3 dawned with my ankle swollen up like a Christmas ham, and Husband simply beside himself talking about going to Santa Clara for X-rays, and was it broken? and would our insurance cover it? and such and such. I was trying to reassure him that it was just a sprain, I'd had many sprains over the course of my life and this felt just exactly like every other sprain I'd ever had, including having the thought - as I turned the ankle over - "Oh hell I've sprained it".

So I sent him off to the clinic to inquire about crutches. I obviously wasn't getting very far by hopping on one foot, which is how I was getting from the bed to the loo. I had extra-strength Tylenol, which was keeping the pain down to a groaning ache.

He came back with crutches ($5CUC a day, SeƱor). Then I sent him off to the beach (because dammit, one of us was having a full vacation experience) while I rested in the room until lunchtime. He accompanied me while I limped up to the restaurant (god - I had forgotten how incredibly uncomfortable crutches are - on your underarms, your hands, everywhere!). He carried my plate and helped me get some food into my sorry self.

Then we had to have the conversation about the trip to Santa Clara. He didn't want to go unless we could both go - which we obviously couldn't. I was adamant that he had to go. "You have to go for both of us!" I insisted. This was a special destination for us, with all of the research we'd done about the history of the Revolution. I just couldn't stand to think that neither of us would go because of one stupid misstep by me. "We'll come back," I said. "We'll go together later. But tomorrow you have to go for both of us."

He argued. He bargained (maybe I could go but stay on the bus? Impractical). And finally he agreed.

"Bring me back something," I said. :)

So Day 3 saw us booking the trip to Santa Clara for Husband, and me getting used to hobbling around on lousy, miserable crutches, which I was enormously grateful for. The pool was within hobbling distance, so that would do for Day 4.




Blogger Xtreme English said...

oh, OUCH! quel dommage....but what a wonderful photo of the beach at Cayo Santa Clara! i MUST go to Qbert before i croak.

i hope your ankle is indeed only sprained. and that you've improved greatly since day 3.

sorry to have been offblog while you were doing all this exciting stuff. i was in las vegas for the first time--part nightmare, part fun house.

10:13 p.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

Vegas!!! You vixen! I've always wanted to go to Vegas but Husband is pretty cold to the idea. Shopping + gambling? Two of his not-favourite activities.

How was it?

10:52 p.m.  

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