Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oromocto Lake

This is a snapshot of the two rough-hewn small benches set in front of the fire pit at my Brother- and Sister-in-law's cottage on Oromocto Lake. The fire pit overlooks the lake, and it is a beautiful spot. Husband's family has spent summers here for two generations, with a third growing up here now.

Today was Unbirthday, the day when we all gather at the cottage and celebrate not just Mom O's birthday (which falls around this time of year) but all the nieces' and nephews' birthdays, whenever they occurred or will occur during the calendar year. This tradition was started by my Sister-in-Law as an antidote for a far-flung family, and people having trouble tracking all the littles' birthdays and getting presents mailed on time. Now we all have one big birthday. All the nieces and nephews get birthday presents from the aunts and uncles, and each child give his or her godparents birthday presents, too. Our goddaughter, "Diane", who is a very gifted young artist, gave Husband and I a truly beautiful drawing of a lily. I'll post a photo soon. She also gave me a necklace and Husband, god help us, a small ornithopter. I am gobsmacked. She is just 14 but she knows her uncle, that's evident.


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Blogger Xtreme English said...

"unbirthday"!! what a marvelous idea!

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