Thursday, December 29, 2011

Remedios, Santa Clara

I'm finally getting around to organizing some photos from our last trip to Cuba. In the meantime, here are a couple of videos I took on our tour of Remedios and Santa Clara.

This is a pan around the Remedios town square.The large yellow church is Iglesia Mayor of San Juan Bautista, which contains 13 stunning gold altars inside (no inside photography, unfortunately). It is a feast for the eyes inside, I will tell you. Constant pirate attacks in the colonial era meant that they painted the gold over with white paint; in the early 50s, the interior was restored to its original golden splendour.

And this is a view as we drove through the town of Santa Clara.* It's a bit chaotic, as things flash by quickly on video cam as opposed to watching with your own eyes. But I think it gives a good sense of the architecture, the people, and the incredible variety of vehicles you encounter on your drive through any of the Cuban towns we've visited.

Bonus points if you catch the classic Korda photo of Che Guevera painted on a building. You can't walk a couple of blocks in Cuba without seeing one.
More to come,

*I initially thought this was video of Remedios as well, but a viewing by me and Husband together convinced us it is Santa Clara.

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