Monday, March 26, 2007

Glenn Greenwald, must-read

Glenn Greenwald, who entered my field of vision through becoming a featured Salon blogger (in spite of the state of Salon these days, habits die hard and it is still a daily stop-by) has quickly become a must-read political blog for me. With the silencing of Molly Ivins, the appearance of someone who cuts straight through the bullshit and calls it as he sees it is a breath of fresh air. Check out, for example, his shellacking of a group of media pundits giggling their way through a discussion of the extremely serious business of whether or not the White House ordered the firing of eight US Attorneys for purely political reasons:
These are not journalists who want to uncover government corruption or act in an adversarial capacity to check government power. Rather, these are members of the royal court who are grateful to the King and his minions for granting them their status. What they want more than anything is to protect and preserve the system that has so rewarded them -- with status and money and fame and access and comfort. They're the ludicrous clowns who entertain the public by belittling any facts which demonstrate pervasive corruption and deceit at the highest levels of our government, and who completely degrade the public discourse with their petty, pompous, shallow, vapid chatter that transforms every important political matter into a stupid gossipy joke.
Really, is it any wonder at all that our government is so fundamentally corrupt and broken when we have a press like this? Why wouldn't top government officials lie continuously when our national press corps finds such lying to be such a source of merriment and humor, and can summon the energy only to attack, mock and condemn those who find the lying objectionable, rather than the liars themselves?



Blogger Xtreme English said...

Thanks for the tip! Gee whiz...this stuff just makes my blood boil!! I never watch or buy MSM. It just encourages them....

3:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

see also "Beltway Douchebags vs. America on for Monday (still today here)


12:27 a.m.  

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