Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Exposed: The right-wing cult of contrived masculinity

Glenn Greenwald writes a jaw-droppingly good analysis of why, no matter how despicably she acts, Anne Coulter will never, ever lose her cachet among conservative voters; and in doing so points out some ugly truths about the conservative movement:
As a woman who purposely exudes the most exaggerated American feminine stereotypes (the long blond hair, the make-up, the emaciated body), her obsession with emasculating Democratic males -- which, at bottom, is really what she does more than anything else -- energizes and stimulates the right-wing "base" like nothing else can...

That is what she does. She takes liberal males, emasculates them, depicts them as "faggots" and weak losers, and thereby makes the throngs of weak and insecure followers who revere her feel masculine and strong. There is no way that the right-wing movement can shun her because what she does is indispensible to the entire spectacle. What she does is merely a more explicit re-inforcement of every central theme which the right-wing movement embraces.
Much, much more, including some piercing insights into the core conservative value of effeminizing liberal men and masculinizing liberal women here:

The right-wing cult of contrived masculinity




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