Thursday, August 19, 2004

Last Night I Dreamed the Strangest Dream...

Last night I dreamed I got my hearing back.

I don't mean that I dreamed that I could hear. As far as I can recollect, I can hear in nearly every dream I've had since I went deaf. In the dreams, I'm not surprised that I can hear, I can just hear as if it never left.

Last night I dreamed that I regained my hearing. I lived through it happening.

It's the third such dream I've had since I lost my hearing. In this one, like the previous two, I was deaf and aware of it; and then suddenly aware that I could hear sounds, quiet at first, just tiny hints that got my attention; but within minutes, louder and louder. In the dream (like in the first two), I ran all around my house, banging on walls, rattling things, hitting things, rattling paper, slamming doors, so that I could hear the noises. I was so exhilarated.

It's quite a letdown to wake up from that dream, let me tell you.



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