Sunday, April 09, 2006

"Henderson has scored for Canada!"

If any of you are watching Canada-Russia 72, the CBC miniseries about the 1972 Hockey Summit, here's a little ronnietrivia: the rink scenes were shot at the University of New Brunswick's Aitken Centre here in Fredericton. Sadly, Husband and I were both working on the days when locals filled the rink seats and surrounding corridors as extras in the game, interview and related scenes. Nevertheless I've already spotted lots of familiar faces in the crowd and reporter scrum scenes.

I'm enjoying it quite a lot so far - it's refreshingly frank and the portrayals of the players, my heroes when I was a kid, are highly entertaining. I was afraid it was going to be a sentimental rah-rah booster job. Instead, if you know your Frank from your Pete Mahovoliches, it's a lot of fun. And watching the deadly earnest, bespectacled young Ken Dryden, the '72 team's (and Montreal Canadiens') goalie, amble around muttering thoughtfully into his tape recorder, knowing that he would go on to become a best-selling author, social critic and progressive Member of Parliament, is priceless.

The miniseries concludes tomorrow night (April 10/06) at 7 Eastern on CBC.



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