Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bear surfs in hammock. Film at eleven.

Some time back, on his journalism blog, Mike Peterson wrote about the inanity of network news, as typified - with nukes in North Korea and Iran, Iraq turning into a quagmire, and the polar ice caps melting so fast that polar bears will probably be extinct in our lifetime - by the ridiculous fascination of all the media he could access with images of a bear in a hammock.

I told him that I would forevermore think of such journalistic fluff pieces as "bear-in-a-hammock stories".

And, so, ladies and gentlemen, in our neverending effort to let you know which pointless news story is currently in endless rotation live in the local media in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada - television, radio and newspapers - while having no meaningful bearing (pardon the pun) whatsoever on our lives here - and yet which is still so inconsequential I couldn't even find a link to it on any local media websites - and which you're going to see over and over and over and over on your local news anyway - here is today's locally-spotted "bear-in-a-hammock story".



Blogger Mike said...

Besides the shout-out, what I particularly like is the utter lack of context. Just the edited footage and ambient sound -- no commentary. Ditto with the young women running in stilettos in Germany. Good collection of idiotic clips on that station's site. They obviously know what viewers want. Nellie points out that none of the dogs even surf well -- making this completely pointless. Kudos! We give this clip 5 bears!

6:20 a.m.  

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