Friday, August 11, 2006

"This is our Superbowl."

That's how Husband describes the significance of elections to political junkies (by both vocation and avocation) like us.

Thus yesterday's announcement of a Provincial Election on September 18 was greeted with excitement, anticipation and the beginning of what will be one long, breathless political gossipfest between now and voting day. Last night's participants were myself, Husband (whose birthday we were celebrating), and C., we three who haven't missed watching election returns together - federal, provincial or by- - since I moved here.

Today's Telegraph-Journal is calling it the "Last-Chance Election", noting that
"for [incumbent Premier Bernard] Lord, it's a chance for a third consecutive term and a chance to emerge from the big shadows cast by his predecessors Frank McKenna, Richard Hatfield, and Louis J. Robichaud. A loss would likely see him step down as leader.

[Opposition] Liberal Leader Shawn Graham has already acknowledged this election is his last chance to ascend to the premier's office."
While it is probably not Alison Brewer's "last chance" to pull the NDP out of the funk it's been in since their sole elected MLA Elizabeth Weir retired as leader, it is another opportunity to try to make the party a relevent voice in the province again.

Fasten your seatbelts - it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Birthday presents! I got Husband the Lone Gunmen DVD set which he's been wanting for some time, and at Mojo's insistence I Mojo also gave him an I.O.U. for the September issue of Mojo music magazine (which the cat assumes is, of course, named after him). That issue is a tribute to one of Husband's most significant musical influences, the recently-deceased "Crazy Diamond" Syd Barret. (C. said, "What did Veronica get him?" I said, "Veronica doesn't give presents. Veronica gets presents.")

So we started celebrating early after work and ended late, and I am some tired. Big weekend ahead about which more later.



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