Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sweetie Baby Cookie Honey

...was the title of a briefly-popular novel in the 80s and is also the way I often refer to my two crazy, spoiled, much-loved cats. (Also Husband if I'm particularly pleased with him, like I am right now 'cause he raised $$$ and is doing the AIDS Walk with me tomorrow).

We're having a nice weekend - spent the evening yesterday with C. at the pub and just talked our asses off about the election and the Canadian mission in Afghanistan and about Kits for Kandahar (about which more later), and about yoga, which C. is quite into, and about ASL and the Bad Old Days when I was deaf and about Mom's Cancer and what's up with that, and about how I couldn't find "the book" I was looking for when I went deaf, the suddenly-deaf-person's "Mom's Cancer" to help me understand that our family wasn't going nuts and that this was perfectly normal; and about how maybe I even ought to toy with the idea of writing that book.

We watched "Blazing Saddles" last night (never gets old) and slept real late this morning, went for breakfast and ran a bunch of errands. And it was a really nice, warm day and we were going to the Big Potato for fresh corn, so we took Veronica (who just loves to ride in the car) along for the drive. So there's my sweetie baby cookie honey getting her picture taken with the Big Potato (and her Dad)!

Nice shot, kids!

Tomorrow, the AIDS walk and I'll post piccies from that of course. And, as promised, more about Kits for Kandahar, a project to gather model kits for military personnel serving in Afghanistan, which was begun by a Nova-Scotia-based modeler in an admirable effort to give the troops something to occupy their minds and hands in their downtime.

(Incidentally, their original goal was 500 kits - but the last post on the forum notes "3545 models thus far, and commitments for about another 250", and they are now looking for supplies [glue, paint, sandpaper, etc. and especially decals, as a bunch got ruined in a shipment] and not more kits. But as I said - more later when I have time to write about it properly!)



Blogger Carl said...

You have a cat that likes riding in cars? What universe do you live in again?

1:56 a.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

What can I say? She's "roadside".


9:51 p.m.  

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