Thursday, September 14, 2006

"There's Front Row, and then there's On Stage..."

The Rolling Stones are coming to play Halifax this month (Sept. 23, to be precise), and Husband and I thought it would be a very nice 10th Wedding Anniversary present to ourselves to see them together. We've each seen them in concert separately, but never together.

Problem is, when we got this brainstorm - a month and a half ago - there was still the scattered show ticket available, but every hotel room within a three-hour drive of Halifax had been booked for the date of the concert.

And yes, that includes camping and RV sites as well. We checked.

Global TV is currently running relentless promotion for their "On Stage" contest, via which you can supposedly watch the concert from "On Stage". "There's Front Row, and then there's On Stage..." the ads trumpet.

My rueful comment to Husband was that "I could watch the bloody concert from Mick Jagger's lap, and I still wouldn't have anyplace to sleep once they turned the concert venue lights out..."



Anonymous Cousin S said...

Feel free to make the drive to my mom's house and stay there after the concert. Just don't tell her I sent you! ;)

Wish I could go to that concert, too!

12:10 p.m.  

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