Thursday, December 14, 2006

Funny Boy

Husband and I have two Godchildren, a neice and a nephew. After becoming their Godparents we decided it would be nice to start them on a collection of something.

We signed them up for a numbered series of special edition Aitkens Pewter Christmas tree ornaments. Each year, they get the same number ornament in that year's series. By the time they're grown, they'll have a whole tree full of these beautiful ornaments. And because Aitkens is a venerable New Brunswick company, they'll have a lot of home on their Christmas tree, no matter where life takes them.

It's always fun to see what the theme or design of the ornament is each Christmas. Husband came home the other night and said "I picked up the Christmas ornaments from Aitken's."

"Oh, good!" I said. "What are they this year?"

"Forty-four dollars," he replied.

Funny boy.



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