Friday, March 13, 2009

Mojo's Star Turn

I discovered this old newspaper clipping today and scanned it.

I've absolutely no idea how old it is. Must be nearly 8 years since the Moj is identified as being 2 years old and he'll be 10 in May. It's completely yellowed with age now, as you can see.

We were walking the cats on their leashes in Odell Park one summer day and were approached by a photographer out looking for local colour shots for the Telegraph-Journal.

Well, we're affable people and great supporters of the local press so we were willing to oblige. The photographer took several snaps and the next day this one ran. If you click on the (large) full-sized version, you can read the caption below the picture.

Mojo managed to look very determined and stalk-y, the very James Bond of cats. If only he didn't have that leash with the damned human at the end.




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