Sunday, March 01, 2009


While I was in Newfoundland dodging weather systems, the biggest single snowstorm in a generation hit southern New Brunswick, dumping 40cm of snow on Fredericton.

Husband sent me cellphone photos of our nearly-unrecognizable street while I sat, slack-jawed, wondering if anything was ever going to be back to normal.

He's a very good Husband, so he dug the car out from under that enormous mess so that he could pick me up at the airport. This is what Kate the Cruiser looked like on rollout.

Our tiny backyard, bound on all four sides by fences or structures, is literally full of shoulder-deep snow. It's so high we can't quite figure out how to start shoveling it.

We didn't get sidewalks until Thursday. That was a problem because between the downtown workers who use our street for day-parking and the snowbanks, we're down to one lane of traffic - which we pedestrians were sharing with morning auto commuters.

So from Friday to today, things were relatively normal. Tonight? There's another weather warning. And more snow on the way.

All this bodes very poorly for the upcoming flood season.




Blogger Xtreme English said...

there are school childen and teachers here who would give ANYTHING for even HALF that much snow. that would close the schools here, and probly even the federal gummint, for two weeks.

bravo for the husband who shoveled out your car! shoulder-deep snow!! amazing.

11:22 p.m.  
Blogger Mike said...

When I was a kid, we had these books in school that always talked about flying kites in March. I'd look out the window and wonder what on earth they were talking about. Running with a kite is kinda tough when the snow is up to your waist.

6:54 a.m.  

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