Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Kitty City Gazette

You cat owners (and you know who you are) are doing your feline companions a grave disservice if you have not subscribed to The Kitty City Gazette. The only newspaper that gives the hard news from a cat's-eye perspective, the Gazette is a key part of the informed feline's day.

Fortunately it's available online, and your cat too can read and appreciate such timely and relevant stories as "Your Mother Was Right, Evidence Shows If You Make A Face Long Enough It Will Stick", "Donald Trump Fires Cat For Being A 'Smartass' On Latest Celebrity Apprentice" , and "Really Big Spider Seen On Local Wall".

“Neighbor cat Spaghetti, a 3-year-old, spayed, Scottish Fold was terrified at the thought of a spider on the loose, especially one so large in size.

“I am horrified that something like this could happen in this neighborhood.” said Spaghetti, “I moved here with my family because we thought that kind of thing just didn’t happen here. Now, with the economy the way it is, we will be stuck here under these conditions.”

And believe me, there isn't a soul among us who will not relate, and relate wholeheartedly, to "Most Boring Meeting Ever, Held Today In Seattle".

That's news you can use, my friends.




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