Monday, May 18, 2009

Advanced Cat Yodeling [UPDATED]

Hot on the heels of The Engineer's Guide to Cats comes a new educational and instructional video from the same crack scientific team: Advanced Cat Yodeling.

Practice is Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. at our place. Polysporin® and bandages will be provided. Please bring your own safety equipment and booze. I think we'll all need it.

UPDATE: Sherwood points me to an extended remixed edition of this video with a lot of value-added content: An Engineer's Guide to Cat Yodeling (with Cat Polka). International cat-yodeling goodness with 40% more win! and awesome.




Blogger Brian Fies said...

Huh. You don't meet a lot of suicidal engineers.

Of course you know how I plan to spend my afternoon now...

11:37 a.m.  

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