Saturday, September 19, 2009

The circus is in town.

So, it's the annual Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, which has been happening for - iuhknow - 13 or 14 years now. The astonishing thing about this festival is that they made a profit almost from year 1. So it's been a remarkably successful festival.

And what do successful festivals attract? Everyone and everything, but most importantly, SPONSORS.

Every year, more tents (each named after some company), more bands, and more publicity stunts.

So, bring on the clowns. Here's a trio of girls in some kind of PVC dresses who were handing out coupons last evening.

This morning while having breakfast at our usual place, we spotted the Bell Segway dudes (who have been annoying pedestrians up and down the downtown streets) taking a breather.

They're promoting the amazing news that Bell will now run fibre optic cables right into our homes!

It's awesome! Except that Bell (which ate our local telephone/cable supplier a couple of months ago) still hasn't told us how much this INCREDIBLE advance will cost the average consumer.

Never mind. It's just the circus, after all.



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