Thursday, January 07, 2010

More email problems

Allow me to heartily recommend that you DO NOT USE PRONICSOLUTIONS.COM as your domain host. Carl, I want to take you up on your offer to help me set up my webmail as external to my domain server.

Alternate email for me is at, or you can contact me via the blog comments (thanks to Brian, this time, for the heads-up).

This may be the beginning of the end of my hosting the RACS Pet Gallery. I don't suppose anyone else would be interested in adopting it...

Anyway, no rash decisions yet.



Blogger Sherwood Harrington said...

What's the total file size of the pets gallery, ronnie? We could shift it over to -- which was initiated for racs, anyway, and which just sits there with no traffic -- if it's not ginormous. I doubt that it is, since there isn't any video on the gallery.

I could set it up so that you could administer it; the only thing that would change would be the host (which I take care of as part of -- and, of course, it would be free to you.

11:06 p.m.  
Blogger Carl said...

Pick a mail host and we can set up your domain to forward there. Piece of cake. GMail is the most obvious, but I don't know your preference.

11:42 a.m.  
Blogger Brian Fies said...

That would be a great use for Talking Ponies! I always felt a little bad because I didn't do anything with it myself.

Anyway, I e-mailed you again on the gmail account. Hope it got there, let me know if it didn't.

I don't know anything more frustrating than a computer that doesn't do what it's supposed to, especially after it's lured you into depending on it.

1:01 p.m.  
Blogger Carl said...


11:44 a.m.  

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