Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An oldie but a goodie

Just found this on my Blackberry. Coworker "Lucy's" funky monkey hat has a sip of her drink. This was taken at a spontaneous Christmas after-work get-together at the Garrison Ale House, one of the nicer pubs in town with an impressive ale list.

And cocktails worthy of the funkiest monkey.

"Lucy" is amazing, by the way. The bubbliest, most enthusiastic person I've ever met. You know how they talk about people who "light up a room"? I'd never met anyone who remotely made me think that. Until I met "Lucy".

And with a mind like a steel trap that surprises those who underestimate her at their peril, and a keenly perceptive wisdom suitable for someone at least twice her young years.

That was a fun night. I was not wearing a monkey hat. It takes a "Lucy" to carry off a monkey hat. Trust me.


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