Thursday, April 13, 2006

When no news isn't good news.

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to post comments or email me wishing me good luck with the new job. It's always a pleasant surprise to be reminded that people care what happens in your life.

Because of the four-day weekend (Good Friday and Easter Monday are statutory holidays in Canada) I was pretty certain that there'd be some pressure to contact the successful canadidate today. Not doing so means that, given the usual two weeks' notice people need to give their current employer, a fair amount of extra time is going to be lost in getting the new person at on the job. If I'd put my notice in today, I could start a new job as early as April 28; if I put it in Tuesday, I couldn't start until May 2 at earliest.

But I didn't hear anything today - which might mean they were busy calling someone else. Or it might mean nothing.

Ever'body uncross your fingers until Tuesday, then, 'cause I don't want anyone getting cramps. No news in this case isn't good news, but it might not mean I didn't get the job, either.

Those of you who get a nice long weekend, enjoy! I hope to get into the garden for the first good go of the season, although it's supposed to rain all weekend :( At any rate I plan to relax and spent lots and lots of time with Husband and the kitties.

And, apropos of nothing else, a big shout-out to my Sis: I miss you real bad lately.



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