Saturday, December 20, 2008

Countdown to NORAD Tracking Santa

NORAD has started their annual countdown to their very, very serious work of tracking - and accompanying - Santa on Christmas Eve. I've written before about how emotional this particular tradition is for me. The Cold War was in full swing. The airspace between the North Pole and Canada was some dangerous territory, what with the Russians Right Over There. How comforting to know that NORAD was not only expecting Santa, but was accompanying him with fighter jets to make sure he was safe??

The Kids Countdown Page has some wonderful stuff on it, still amazingly in the spirit of NORAD (schematic diagrams of Santa's sleigh, anyone? - I love it when science meets fancy) and in the spirit of Christmas. It's so nice that they keep this tradition alive. And, of course, share it with your Littles on Christmas Eve so they can track the Jolly Old Elf as he visits every single place on earth in just - well, in just a magical number of hours.

Now, if I could just visit the site every year without tearing up.




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