Friday, October 09, 2009

"My son... is a star!"

I was just watching "Power Play", Canada's version of, oh, I suppose, "The Situation Room", where the day's politics are debated and re-debated. It ended off, on this Friday, with a panel of CTV reporters offering tidbits about their week.

Veteran CTV reporter Craig Oliver offered this anecdote about standing next to the dad of Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque de Soliel, who is a "tourist astronaut" on the current Space Station mission.

As the Shuttle took off, Oliver said, Laliberté senior turned to him and said, "My son is a star!!!"

"'In more ways than one', I thought to myself," Oliver said.


[UPDATE] Apparently tonight there's going to be an impressive chain of concerts organized by Guy Laliberté, in the pursuit of seeing that "everyone has access to clean water". Well, there are many worthy causes, but few I can think of that are much worthier.



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