Monday, April 18, 2011

"Giants" bringing hearing and hope

Mike Peterson, who knows I don't follow American football news much - or, in fact, ever - alerted me to this great article about NFL players donating their time to work with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to provide hearing aids for Rwandans. (I almost forgot - check out Mike's Comic Strip of the Day website, with insightful commentary on current comic strips and panels. You won't be disappointed.)

I'm slightly familiar with the work of the Starkey Hearing Foundation - Marlee Matlin is one of their biggest supporters and promotes their work tirelessly. I was less familiar with the fact that their good works are so far-flung. When you think about the opportunities for the people in this article to access hearing aids without the intervention of an organization like Starkey, well...

The article itself by its very existence is evidence that the strategy of recruiting celebrities and athletes to participate in these programs pays off. I am impressed by the attitudes of the players quoted in the article, and by the fact that they're working, not standing around being famous. Being an agent of bringing someone out of the silence into communication with the world again must be a whole different kind of special feeling.


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Blogger Brent McKee said...

Speaking of the Starkey Hearing Foundation and Marlee Matlin, you may be aware that she is one of the contestants on "The Celebrity Apprentice" this season. In a competition dealing with holding an art show with "works" created by the celebrities, Marlee raised $986,000 for the Foundation... and Donald Trump kicked in the extra $14,000 to make it an even million.

Additionally the other project manage in that episode - John Rich from the country group Big and Rich - earned over $600,000. Normally all of the moneys raised by both teams goes to the charity of the winning project manager, but in this case Trump gave them the option of each project manager getting the money they raised for their charity (something that totally mystified Trump, the greedy SOB). The result was that Rich's charity - St Jude's Hospital - also benefited.

5:18 p.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

Hi Brent!
I was aware of Matlin's fundraising for the Starkey Foundation through Celebrity Apprentice - I don't watch the show but I follow her on Twitter. That's pretty awesome about her raising $1m (with the Greedy SOB's help). (Now if he'd only drop his ridiculous faux Presidential run.)

I also like that St. Jude's Hospital received a healthy chunk of change. They do some amazing work.

8:06 p.m.  

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