Thursday, May 05, 2011

Quite a day. [UPDATED]

The weather here is shite today, cold and pouring, and I conducted a focus group which did not go at all well, which made it all the more apropos that an eye examination revealed that I have a posterior subcapsular cataract in my bad eye and will need surgery (while I'm awake, for chrissakes) to remove it, and Mojo, who we took to the vet last week because he was out of sorts, is probably in the early stages of chronic renal failure.

About the former, I have an appointment with a noted local (and heavily booked) ophthalmologist in July; about the latter, there is much we can do to try to ameliorate the symptoms, the most concerning of which right now is that he's not very interested in food. He'll be switching immediately to an all-wet-food diet, which will delight him no end. The vet is monitoring the situation closely with us; and thank god for the internet and the innate generosity of people, because there are many websites out there with masses of information from people who have cared for cats with this condition. (I read today of a cat who lived for 12 years after diagnosis.)

So nobody's panicking here yet. Blogging may continue to be a little spotty as we deal with these and other real-life things.

But as days that suck go, I'm just sayin', this one was 24-karat.

UPDATE: Mojo has started eating again and is currently acting like himself - in other words, cheerful, active and full of piss and vinegar. We are monitoring him closely. We have supplies on hand (special food and a feeding syringe) in case he has another bad spell with no appetite (a common and problematic symptom of CRF that can result in a dangerous "downward spiral") but for the time being he is eating, drinking and doing the (ahem) natural things that happen as a result of that. This is an unpredictable disease - he could have weeks, months or years left. All we can do now is watch him closely and play it by ear. Thanks for the good wishes sent his way.


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Blogger Sherwood Harrington said...

Not much I can help with on the cataract front (except express my concern and fervent wishes for a good outcome.) When the time comes for subcutaneous fluid administration for Mojo, though, I might be able to offer more concrete advice and experience if you need it.

Scritches to Canada's bestest boycat.

8:27 p.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

Thank you, Sherwood. Researching sub-q fluids now. Sounds absolutely terrifying. More for the administrators (hopefully)than the patient.

Am administering scritches immediately.


9:22 p.m.  
Blogger Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

"Quite a day" is just way too polite a way to put it. Modern cataract surgery is an amazing advance - it seems to be more of a nuisance than a trauma now, though a nuisance sucks more with all the other stuff you have to deal with. May Mojo enjoy his new diet and feel better pronto!

8:30 a.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

NFTP: So my optometrist says. He says his Lasik surgery was more uncomfortable and potentially dangerous than this surgery. (I note that the "uncomfortable" part is merely his professional opinion since he's never had cataract surgery.)

All my online research says that it's incredibly advanced, safe and minimally invasive. All of which makes me feel marginally better about knowing someone is going to take a scalpel to my eye while it's open and I'm awake. He tells me they will "give me something beforehand to relax me". It had better be heroin.

8:13 p.m.  
Blogger Mike said...

I've got less to offer than Sherwood. I can only stand around wringing my hands over both situations. However, I do that very, very well. Hope it helps.

9:09 p.m.  
Blogger Sherwood Harrington said...

Good for Mojo!

... and if thy can't see their way clear to the H, then demerol might work quite nicely.

9:30 p.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

Mike: You'd be surprised how much that helps!

Sherwood: There was some muttering about Ativan. I don't know it, but I know Demerol, and it sounds like a poor-man's Demerol.

I'm still holding out for heroin.

9:35 p.m.  
Blogger Brian Fies said...

All I know about cataract surgery, via an aunt of mine who had it, is that modern state-of-the-science is really amazing. Risks are relatively low and success is relatively assured. They've gotten quite good at it.

Like Sherwood, I am an expert on administering sub-q fluid. We gave our cat Marbles six decent months she wouldn't have had without it. It's one of those things that goes from "No WAY am I doing that!" to "I forget, is it your turn or mine?" within about a week. All depends on the cat, of course, but our feisty Marbles tolerated it pretty well . . . and when she stopped tolerating it, she was telling us she was done.

Sorry for the rough patch.

12:47 p.m.  
Blogger Xtreme English said...

Mojo's sick??? Horrors! Not the mighty Mojo!! Hope he'll be feeling better soon. And you have cataracts? tell me about 'em. I've had cataract surgery on both eyes, and twice on the first. You do get cataracts back, but the second time, they're just a film that collects on the back of the new plastic one. All the docs need to do is zap it with a laser--no surgery. I now go around without glasses at all. even for movies. First time since I was in 4th grade!! Life doth change in wondrous ways!!
My CI processors are going to the dogs, though....have to get some insurance so i can keep 'em working. My former/present health insurance co. used to pay for tuneups. Ha. Not any more!! Going around without hate in my heart for Republican/Corporatists is a full-time job. But WRF...let's be well and happy...even when events conspire against us.

9:47 a.m.  
Blogger Xtreme English said...

Or, as most people say, WTF!!!

(funny...the WF is "St Scusi")

9:49 a.m.  
Blogger ronnie said...

M.E. You've had cataract surgery?!?

Must will follow up in email. Stat.

10:23 p.m.  

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