Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer update

I'm sorry for neglecting my blog for so long. It's summer, y'know, and things slip by. You spend many more evenings on patios than on the laptop. I mean, it's Canada! We only get summer for 5 minutes!

But things have happened. Mojo lost a few ounces of weight during his weekly weigh-ins when he gets sub-q fluid, so we have doubled-down on trying to feed him several meals a day. (He throws up one or two a week.) Today: Success! He has gained 7 oz. in a week. He is now at 8 pounds 5 oz. (Yes, we never stopped using the Imperial system for weight in Canada. Metric never caught on for weight or height.) He gets his sub-q fluids every Wednesday without fail, with his dad and I taking him through horrendous traffic, as one of the two bridges across the river to his vet's office is closed. He still doesn't seem to mind them at all.

I had my appointment with the Ophthalmologist and yes, it will be surgery for the cataract. In the fall. I like the ophthalmologist. He's quiet and thoughtful and kind, I think. He listened to my concerns (which were legion) and considered and responded to them all.

So that's what's up here. There's more stuff involving our backyard fence and the tire rims on Kate, the PT Cruiser, that I'll blog about later. They're works in progress. All Husband's doing. I'm very grateful for him right now, as always, as is Mojo.


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Blogger Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Good news about Mojo's weight gain - he clearly has his staff well-trained.

That Ophthalmologist is the kind of Doc to have!

And i've found that houses in general seem to have at least one work-in-progress going on most of the time!

8:45 p.m.  

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