Friday, January 07, 2011

Young me, now me

Well, then there was Christmas (which was wonderful), and then there was Boxing Day, and then there was New Year's (both nice), and then there was the crushingly depressing arrival of true winter with pitch-black mornings and double-digit-below-zero temperatures (not so much). So I've been away from blogging for a little while.

I'll be back, but in the meantime, I've discovered a really wonderful website that I think some of you will really like. It's called "Young me, now me", and it consists of people submitting childhood photos of themselves along with a contemporary photo that recreates the photo - often in the same spot the original photo was taken.

The best ones are where whole groups of siblings, or families, or friends, reunite to recreate these original photos, often decades after the original photo was taken. (See, for instance, this entry. Or this one.)

Speaking of old photos, I've been trying to find an old photo I have of me and some friends mummering in Newfoundland back in the 80s to illustrate a post about the practice. I know the photo album's around here... somewhere.

So in the meantime, enjoy. :)


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